Ryan McCormick

Ryan was born and raised in Midland, Texas. In 1999, he left Midland and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to pursue ice hockey. That lead him to Eastern Michigan University in 2005 where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Communications with a Minor in Marketing in 2009. 

Ryan moved back to Midland in 2010 where he started his career in the oil and gas industry at Smith Bits as a Field Sales Rep. After working for 2 years at Smith Bits, he spent the next 9 plus years at Triumph Drilling Services as Sales and District Manager. From there, he spent about a year at Ibex drilling Solutions as VP of Operations. Then in August of 2021, he and his partners founded Commander Downhole Technologies.  

Ryan enjoys spending time with his two young sons Aedan and Conor along with hunting, sports, and working out.